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Staging Consultation

2-hour walk-through of your home with customized checklist on how to get it market-ready.
Guidance includes furniture placement and decor recommendations, paint updates, improvements and repairs, clutter removal, highlighting each room’s best features, curb appeal.
After this consultation, you’ll have the blueprint to prepare your home so that it appeals to the broadest selection of buyers.

Hands-On Staging


After the Staging Consultation, StagingWestchester can provide the hands-on services for some or all of your project, depending on your wants and needs.
We’ll create a timeline and workplan specific to the scope of your project. Clutter removal, editing, design, furniture placement, accessorizing, shopping, furniture rental, staging—we’ll get it done for you!


If you’re not ready or looking to sell your home, you can still make it more livable and appealing for your own enjoyment! StagingWestchester helps you declutter, arrange, and organize your house, creating more openness and flow. You’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed and productive you can feel in your own home.


We’ll help purge and reorganize your spaces to make them efficient and beautiful - our storage solutions will help you keep them that way! The best part:  You'll have more time for living!

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