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When you’re selling your home,

you want every potential buyer to walk through the front door and…fall in love! Home staging can help make that happen.

StagingWestchester is a boutique staging company that specializes in helping you stage your home while you remain in it.


We'll be by your side from start to finish:


  • We see your home empathetically but also objectively—through the eyes of trained staging professionals and potential buyers.


  • We provide a thorough consultation and deliver a blueprint of specific solutions customized to your project.


  • We help you navigate the process of getting your home ready for sale—reducing your stress level!


  • We can suggest the most cost-effective improvements to generate the greatest impact and highest return—or provide hands-on staging that allows you to leave the work to us.


Staging is the process of effectively preparing and presenting your home for sale. A beautifully staged home creates that all-important emotional connection, enables buyers to see your home’s full potential, and, most importantly, helps buyers visualize themselves in the space of their dreams.

staging pic.jpg

Our approach is creative, capable, and best of all, calm.

We'll help you present your home at its freshest and most inviting.


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Declutter & Edit



Closets stuffed?

Knick-knacks galore?

Shelves overcrowded?

Buyers think

"There's not enough storage" or worse, “There’s no room for me in this house.”

You want to provide buyers with an open, comfortable, inviting space —one that also lets them imagine the home as their own. This may mean removing a number of items that are significant to you but distracting to the buyer. 


StagingWestchester can help you discard or donate unused items, pack away things you want to keep for your new home, and re-sort your spaces to remove excess or over-personalized decor. Less is more!


Loose doorknobs?

Non-working fixtures?

Unfinished projects?

Buyers think

"If these things need fixing, what about the things I can't see?!"


We'll recommend and connect you with trusted sources for any needed repairs or improvements so that easily fixable problems don't stand in the way of a buyer's approval.


Red dining room?

Dark-purple child's room? 

Beige everything?!

​Buyers think

“This is not my taste

— I can’t live here.”


Fresh paint immediately and cost-effectively transforms a dull, dated, or overly specific color scheme into one that is fresh and inviting for any audience. 


We can offer paint and color recommendations for one room or suggest a palette for the whole house.

Designed Lamp Shade.jpg


Interior Design.jpg


Image by Hutomo Abrianto.jpg


With That 'Something Extra'

Grandma's crystal chandelier still gracing the dining room?

Shiny fake brass doorknobs?

Brown carpeting that has seen better days?

Buyers think

“This house is just too old.”

Sometimes simple changes make a huge impact on how potential buyers see your home. We’ll suggest updates that offer the biggest return on investment.


Heavy drapes blocking natural light?

Oversized furniture?

Dusty flower arrangements? 

Buyers think

“I can’t see the forest for the trees.”


You’ll get no judgment from StagingWestchester — just solutions! We're experts at finding the best approach to accommodate your budget. We work creatively with what you have, bring in select decor items, or recommend rental pieces that allow buyers to see a beautiful, fresh space.

Never knew what to do with that odd-shaped space at the top of the stairs?

Has an extra bedroom become your “junk” pile — or a display room for your Star Wars collection? 

Buyers think

“What is this?” 


StagingWestchester can transform odd spaces and ill-defined rooms so that they create an “Aha!” experience for potential buyers, whether they be single professionals or growing families. 


More than half of sellers' agents say that staging reduces a home's time on the market. 

Staged homes attract offers

of up to 20% more than non-staged homes. 

83% of buyers’ agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home.

Statistics from the

National Association of Realtors ®


"Truly a WOW!! I recently had the opportunity to work with Maureen and her team at StagingWestchester on one of my listings in lower Westchester County.  Four days and nine offers later, this home sold well above asking price!  I am confident that these results are directly attributed to her keen 'staging' eye.  Her choice of color palette, furniture placement, and attention to detail maximized this home's potential while simultaneously allowing buyers to imagine the space as their own."

Carol J. Conway, ABR, CSN, SRES

Licensing Real Estate Salesperson

Park Sterling Realty

Bronxville, NY

"My home was on and off the market over two years with few showings and no offers. StagingWestchester stepped in and made excellent recommendations for updates and staged it so it looked open and fresh. Had an accepted offer within 6 weeks and closed."

Peter M. Easton, CT.


Contact us and let's chat.

We'd love to help you!


Tel: 914-815-2313

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